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Featured Projects

Kanakia Future Elevation

Kanakia Future

Hiranandani Powai
1.99 Cr - 2.98 Cr

2 - 3 BHK
Price Range:
1.99 Cr - 2.98 Cr

L&T Elerald Isle Elevation

L&T Emerald Isle

2.10 Cr - 3.15 Cr

2 - 3 BHK
Price Range:
2.10 Cr - 3.15 Cr

Shapoorji Pallonji Vicinia

Shapoorji Pallonji Vicinia

1.9 Cr - 2.5 Cr - 5.1 Cr

2 - 3 - 3.5 BHK
Price Range:
1.9Cr - 2.5Cr - 5.1Cr

Omkar Sereno Elevation

Omkar Sereno

Andheri East
1 Cr - 1.5 Cr

1 - 2 BHK
Price Range:
1 Cr - 1.5 Cr

Auris Serenity Elevation

Auris Serenity

Off Link Road, Malad West
2.3 Cr - 3.5 Cr - 5 Cr

2 - 3 - 4 BHK
Price Range:
2.3 Cr - 3.5 Cr - 5 Cr

Sheth Irene Elevation

Sheth Irene

Link Road, Malad West
1 Cr - 1.5 Cr

1 - 2 BHK
Price Range:
1 Cr - 1.5 Cr

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Why Tamrin

Purchasing your home or commercial space is one of the most crucial decisions. It is more than a mere monetary transaction. A home is among the most personalized assets that you own. Evidently, purchasing property in Mumbai should be a wise investment. In India, the real estate industry is fast evolving, and property prices across the cities are escalating. At Tamrin, we help property buyers and sellers connect to each other. We have been bridging this gap with our well-knit network and seasoned professionals, working closely with the clients. For any assistance while buying, selling or listing real estate Mumbai, have a consultation with us.

We are one of the most accomplished real estate agents in India. Operating across a large number of cities, we have established our profile through dedicated efforts and professionalism. In the competitive real estate market, it often turns out difficult to find the right price for property in Mumbai. Even if you have the affordability, you may be unable to find your dream home in the desired location. Again, sellers need to adhere to the guidelines prescribed by RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority). We guide the buyers and sellers throughout the process, ensuring that they can go through the process seamlessly.

Over the years, we have been providing our advisory services to buyers across the cities, besides helping them find the right home. You can reach out to us for any assistance, whether you are trying to buy a residential or commercial property in Mumbai.

Here are some of the areas, where we stand apart in the industry.

Sound advisory services

As real estate purchase involves a good knowledge in the industry, we make our clients acquainted with the same. Our advisory services are unbiased, and we help buyers connect with the sellers in all the segments of the industry. These include residential properties, commercial real estate, rentals and sales. Our success greatly rests on the satisfaction of our clients, and our expert bench of advisors is seasoned in the real estate industry. If you are looking for property in Mumbai, you can reach out to us.

Finding the property for you

We have got a deep presence in the industry. We utilize our connections to find the right property for you. In the digitized world, it is easy for buyers to find real state on the portals. However, you would love to get a briefing about the profile of the developers, their reputation and so on. Our team looks out for the property in Mumbai that will suit your budget and aspirations. You need not experience these hassles, as we do the heavy lifting for you.

Touring the properties

On shortlisting the properties, it is necessary to tour them to explore the features and amenities. We take our clients on friendly tours, ensuring that you visit only the property in Mumbai that live up to your interests and aspirations. This process ensures that you do not have to waste time visiting all the properties. Even if you need to make the purchase in a short span of time, we can find the right one for you. We have also collaborated with commercial real estate investors, enabling them make great purchases. A good property is a valuable investment, as it reaps good returns over the years in terms of rent.

Assistance with paper-work

The paperwork often turns out to be one of the most complicated aspects during a property transaction. We ensure that the buyers adhere to the legal norms while buying real estate Mumbai. This is one area, where most of the homeowners need a professional assistance. Our sound advice enables them to remain on track, while minimizing unnecessary expenses. Besides, we can also help with the right financial planning to the buyers.

Deals and best prices

With growing competition in the real estate industry, a large number of developers are offering quality apartments at discounted prices. Besides, you can also look out for commercial property in Mumbai at affordable rates. We filter the properties on the basis of price and the buyers’ criteria. This helps our clients enjoy the deals and discounts, purchasing the properties at prices lower than the ones in the market. Besides, first-time buyers are often unaware of the actual price in the market. The sellers sometimes fix the price of properties higher than the actual price in the market, and then offer them at a discounted rate. We are aware of the trending prices of property in Mumbai, and ensure that the buyers do not get misguided.

Legal advice

For homebuyers, it often turns out to be difficult to keep a track of the changing rules and regulations in the industry. Particularly, after the implementation of GST on real estate, it is important to adhere to the new norms. Our advisors convey all the requirements to the buyers with clarity, ensuring that they can do the needful in time. Besides, if you want to go for bank loans for EMIs, we can help you carry out the necessary planning. When you buy property in Mumbai, funding can be obtained from a number of sources. Depending on your present financial situation, we will help you with the right knowledge.

We have succeeded in establishing our portfolio through years of experience and professionalism. We continue to be one of the leading real estate agents in the industry, thanks to our seasoned team of real estate advisors. Besides, we remain connected to the top developers, ensuring that they can showcase their properties to the potential buyers. Eventually, we connect the potential buyers to estates where they want to settle.

Today, the trends of the industry are fast evolving, with NRIs and millennials purchasing luxury homes in India. At the same time, people are interested in buying affordable property in Mumbai. This segment, too, occupies a substantial slice in the industry. Whether you are looking for luxury homes, affordable homes, rental houses or commercial properties, you can reach out to us. We will help you find the right property. Even when you want to sell off your existing home, we will help you out. Collaborating with the buyers and sellers, we have been one of the leaders in the industry, and look forward to carry out the good work in the years to come. When you buy a property in Mumbai, reach out to us for any assistance while making real estate transactions.

Benefits of buying property in Mumbai

Mumbai continues to lure home aspirants, with its amazing social infrastructure. Homeowners often dream of buying a property in Mumbai. Mumbai is one of the best places to live, considering the commercial prominence and buzzing lifestyle. Besides, you can now get budget homes in Mumbai. As one of the leading real estate agents operating in the city, we have been assisting people find their dream home in the city. Particularly, suburban areas in Mumbai have been attracting property investors from various parts of the country. Navi Mumbai, Thane and Borivali are some of the most sought residential areas in the city. Besides, areas in central and south Mumbai are drawing homeowners in great numbers.

If you are ready to buy residential or commercial real estate Mumbai, we are here to assist you. Firstly, we would like you to know about the benefits of buying property in the city.

A lucrative investment

Investing in property in Mumbai in lucrative indeed, provided you invest in the right area at the right hour. In Mumbai, the property prices have remained high over the years. With the demand increasing for personalized homes, these prices are likely to escalate further in the coming years. Evidently, homeowners can enjoy great returns from these investments on renting off the property. In recent years, the prices have remained constant. In Mumbai, property prices hardly suffer a dip, due to the high demand. You must be knowing, that Mumbai is highly sensitive to rise in property prices. When the costs start of escalating, the prices of property in Mumbai shoot up quickly. From the investment perspective, this is a good reason to invest in these properties.

Great social infrastructure

People buying property in Mumbai can enjoy its great social infrastructure. It is the lifestyle in Mumbai that draws home-enthusiasts from across the world. Even NRIs prefer Mumbai as their destination to buy a home after retirement. If you are interested in buying one of these homes, we can help you choose a location from where you will find it easy to reach the social institutions. Several education and healthcare organizations have been developed close to the popular residential zones in Mumbai in recent years. You can seamlessly travel to these places from the apartment. While looking for property in Mumbai, people generally check out the distance between the residential complex and restaurants, shopping malls and markets. Mumbai has got an enriched infrastructure, which makes it one of the most popular places to buy a home.

Business opportunities

Over the years, Mumbai has continued to be busiest of Indian cities. It has great commercial prospects for the residents. Several places in Mumbai are experiencing a rapid development in the IT sector. Besides, residents moving to the apartments can tap their career opportunities in the blue-chip firms and MNCs. The business potential in Mumbai looks impressive. Besides, Mumbai has got the largest port in the country and the commercial life in the city is throbbing. For aspiring entrepreneurs, this is a great place to set up their business. Mumbai has two airports and the Bollywood film industry. The squares and corners of the city are attractive. The textile industry in Mumbai is also well-established and it has some of the best tourist attractions in the country.

Transportation facilities

The city of Mumbai is known for its great connectivity and transportation system. All the localities are connected to the rest through several thoroughfares. Besides, the residents in Mumbai can avail the suburban railway route, metro railway and monorail. This is why they are interested in buying property in Mumbai. It is easy for the commuters to reach their destinations through these roads. Besides, the city is well-connected to the surrounding areas like Thane, Navi Mumbai and Pune. Thanks to this connectivity in Mumbai, you will be able to get across to the social institutions, offices and places of entertainment easily. Even if you do not own your private vehicle, reaching your desired destination will not be an issue.

Range of properties

For homeowners, Mumbai presents several categories of properties to choose from. The affordable housing category is presently the most-sought one, although you have options like luxury housing and rented homes. Besides, people interested in buying commercial properties can choose from several categories. These include co-working spaces, warehouses, Grade A offices and so on. When you buy real estate Mumbai, you can get the properties easily customized. We know that you have several options to pick from, that makes the overall procedure overwhelming. Remember, your home is an asset and you can optimize the returns, when you choose the right property to invest in.

Tourist spots in Mumbai

Mumbai, apart from being one of the busiest commercial cities in India, attracts tourists from various parts of the world. It is an important tourist place in India, hosting several attractions. You can take a break from your schedule and go on a day’s tour whenever you want. Important places that draw tourists in Mumbai include the Marine Drive, the Gateway of India, Colaba Causeway, Juhu Beach and Kanheri Caves. You would love the diversity of these places of attraction here, when you buy a property in Mumbai. As the popular residential hubs are located close to some of these areas, people can enjoy travelling during the weekends.

Lifestyle in Mumbai

Well, you should be knowing that Mumbai is above the average city to live in. Mumbai has got a cosmopolitan population, and is composed of business professionals as well as permanent residents. Particularly, the energetic nightlife and cozy bars attract people from all over the country. You will find no dearth of entertainment in Mumbai. Several shopping malls and multiplexes are under construction, apart from the ones that already define the lifestyle in the city.

Mumbai brings a wide array of benefits for the property owners. If you are willing to buy a property in Mumbai, make sure to choose the location wisely. Besides, take care of the property price when you make the purchase. We can guide you during the transaction process, along with a complete assistance to deal with the legal aspects. No wonder, Mumbai has earned its reputation as one of the best residential zones in the country.

How to save on home loan?

Financial commitments like home loans can last for a lifetime. People willing to buy property in Mumbai often have to keep paying the EMI for the next 20 to 30 years. Well, you may not find your life to be as rosy as it is now in the coming years. Fluctuations in income remain a threat to the EMI repayment schedule. It is for this reason that we recommend certain tips to homebuyers, that can help them save money on their home loans.

Well, when you buy a new property, you can always have a consultation with us before making the monetary transactions. This can help you save the bucks when you buy property in Mumbai, make the repayments faster than the scheduled time and eventually make a good saving.

Interests on home loans are high and failure to pay the EMI on time invites hefty penalties. As one of the leading real estate agents, we have been collaborating with property buyers over the years. Our success lies in the satisfaction that the clients enjoy. Eventually, our experts are ready to plan out the finances for you.

Saving money on home loans: Tips you would find beneficial

Obtaining home loans is one of the easiest processes to buy real estate Mumbai. It does not mess up with your savings. However, while paying off the EMIs, people sometimes find it difficult to handle the unanticipated expenses. However, with a sound planning, you can mitigate this financial pressure, that can ease up the process significantly. We would recommend the following tips to all property buyers, that can help them manage their funds better.

If possible, go for a higher EMI

One of the best ways to save on home loans while purchasing property in Mumbai is to clear it off before the actual tenure ends. If possible, you can try and pay a greater amount of EMI. This amount depends on the tenure of the loan and the amount you have borrowed. Many homeowners have been able to make big savings in the overall process by increasing the EMI amount by INR 2,000 to INR 5,000. When you continue paying the amount for consecutive months, you end up paying off the loan amount much faster than the scheduled time. The home loan buyer must be investing the amounts in a prudent way, that can generate enough funds, that can improve the equity. This will substantially enhance the ability to increase the amount of EMI. If you are planning to buy a property in Mumbai, feel free to approach us for a consultation about the EMI amount.

Managing your funds

When you deal with investments and loans, you would love to optimize the flow of cash. You need to compare the monthly payments, which is considered to the outflow of funds with the inflow of funds in terms of investment in property in Mumbai. For instance, when you find that certain investments are failing to generate adequate returns, you need to look for another investment option. Often, people who have found their investments to be futile opt for other plans or pool down the funds for EMI from the scheme. Well, we would recommend you some investment options, that can give you returns as high as 12% to 15%. Considering that the interest rate on home loans, on an average, is around 10% to 11%, you can make up the amount. We also advise our clients to pre-pay the loan with the differential amount they get.

Partial pre-payment

Homeowners should be knowing, that the longer time they take to pay the amount of loan, the more interest they have to pay. In order to lower the loan obligation and decrease the amount of loan, you should go for partial pre-payments. This is a speedy way to reduce the tenure of your loan. Partial repayments have a number of benefits. When you purchase real estate Mumbai, we can help you plan out your finances. Firstly, you should know that most of the banks are not going to charge any fee for this particular facility. Besides, homeowners can make small pre-payments, as low as INR 10,000. At times, homeowners get additional income through tax-saving investments, fixed deposits, rental income, shares or gifts from family or parents. When you buy property in Mumbai, it becomes easier to make the partial pre-payment.

Go for a bank charging lower interest rates

One of the most effective ways to save money while seeking a home loan is to approach a bank that charges lower rates of interest. This will directly reduce the EMI amount that you would be paying. At different points of time, the lenders come up with attractive deals and discounts, where they charge a lower rate of interest. On choosing a bank that charges a low rate of interest, you can make a good saving. When you plan to purchase real estate Mumbai, you can have a consultation with us, regarding where to seek the loans from. Our experts keep a track of the offerings that the reputed financial institutions make. They will guide you when you seek the home loan. Eventually, you will have to pay the discounted rate of EMI throughout the tenure of the loan, that will help you to make good savings.

Use a mortgage calculator

Using mortgage calculators, homeowners can understand the amount of loan they can sustain. You may come to us for getting an idea about how much EMI you need to pay on a monthly basis when you buy a property in Mumbai. On evaluating your financial situation, we will recommend you the best move. These calculators are effective devices, that allow the homeowners to know about the cash down payments and monthly EMI that they need to pay. We take care of the homebuyers, helping them with schemes that enable them to enjoy the breathing time while paying the EMI.

The property market in Mumbai looks in good health. It is for this reason that investors are interested to purchase property in Mumbai. Get across to us for further tips on saving money on home loans. With our assistance, you can make a substantial saving when you purchase a new home.

Property- Why quality matters

If buying a new home is your dream, checking out the quality of construction in a priority. People looking forward to buy a property in Mumbai should check out several aspects before they finally make the purchase. Well, you should be concerned about real estate developers juggling with multiple projects at the same time. Often, homebuyers approach us with a similar question, how to judge the quality of construction of a particular project?

Quality does matter when you buy a new home. Whether you want to use it personally or for commercial purpose, the value of your money directly depends on the quality of construction. Most of the homebuyers associate the quality of construction with the safety of their families. However, one of the most overlooked aspects in this context is the resale value of the property in Mumbai. The demand for apartments and commercial properties in Mumbai is sky-rocketing. Investing in real estate Mumbai should be a calculated move, as the right investment can reap lucrative returns in the years to come. The quality of construction showcases the value of your home.

Over the years, new technologies have been penetrating the real estate industry. We guide our clients in choosing the right properties, ensuring that they make a quality purchase. The property in Mumbai you buy may look superficially good. However, the plumbing systems may start malfunctioning after a few years, and the paint may deteriorate soon. Therefore, you should focus on the quality of construction when you buy the property. You can make sure that your family remains safe, while the asset value escalates over the years. You may come to us for a consultation regarding the reputed construction firms, with whom you should strike the deals. When you buy a property in Mumbai, take care of the quality of the construction.

Here are certain aspects that need to be checked out, before homeowners go for a particular property:

Soil investigation

Soil testing is one of the most crucial aspects during the construction of a building. The quality of soil greatly varies from one place to another. The test is conducted to determine whether or not it will be able to bear the weight of the structure. Well, black cotton soil and clay-rich soil are not recommended for construction. These types of soil tend to expand, shrink and swell, according to the amount of moisture that is present in the water. This makes the structure unstable. We recommend our clients willing to buy property in Mumbai to ask the developer for a copy of the soil test.

Strength of the concrete mix

The strength of concrete determines the load-bearing capacity of the structure directly. Besides, the durability of the property in Mumbai is also dependent on the quality of the concrete mix. Most of the time, the reputed developers monitor the strength and quality of the concrete. However, they may not be able to check this every time. Some of the developers also use ready-mix concrete while developing the homes. As a buyer, you have no other way to know about the quality of construction than to rely on the words of the developer. It is for this reason that we recommend buying real estate Mumbai from the established real estate companies. When you purchase your home from a developer having an established track record, chances are high that you make a quality purchase.

Wall thickness

When you reach out to a developer, you will be able to view the width of the walls from the prospectus or layout agreements. You may visit the construction site personally and take a tour, while the property in Mumbai is being developed. Experienced professionals are able to detect hollow walls and interiors easily. We often take our clients on a tour when they look for a property, that makes the process easy for them. The thickness of the walls is an important aspect to check out, as the durability and strength of the structure greatly depend on this aspect. Generally, the partition walls in the building are a little thinner than the external walls. However, we recommend inspecting it out, as the quality of construction determines the safety of the residents in the structure.

Safety features

It is important to check out the safety features in the property in Mumbai before you move into it. When you inspect the home, ask the developer about the emergency evacuation and earthquake resistance capabilities of the building. As most of the residents are unaware of all the features to be checked out, we assist them during this process. Besides, you should check out the space in the corridors and stairway. It should provide enough space for two or more people to run alongside during emergencies. Besides, the common spaces in most of the modern buildings remain under CCTV scanner. The security features in the property in Mumbai should also be inspected before you buy the property.

Plastering and paint

The plastering of the outer and inner walls of the structure should be inspected, when you buy a property. Poor-quality constructions may have uneven plastering and cracks. At times, an unstable foundation may be the cause of cracks in plastering. Besides, the quality of wall paints, both in the exteriors and interiors need to be checked out. The paint on the walls determines the visual pleasure of the construction to a great extent. Besides, good-quality paint enhances the durability of the wooden spaces and walls in the building. When you buy a property in Mumbai, we can help you carry out these inspections.

Well, the quality of your home does not remain restricted to the interiors of your apartments. You should check out the common properties and spaces in the property in Mumbai. For instance, we check out the elevators and staircases, ensuring that they will not pose any concern for the homebuyers. We recommend the buyers to check out the maintenance and license of the elevators and lifts. Besides, you should examine the capacity as well, particularly in case of high-rises.

Evidently, the quality of construction is one of the most crucial aspects to look into, when you buy your property. If you need any assistance when you buy real estate Mumbai, we will help you out.

Types of properties

Real estate investors and buyers often approach us for a comprehensive assistance, while making property transactions. As one of the leading property agents in India, we have extensively dealt with property in Mumbai and other key cities in India. Well, we understand that homebuyers seek maximum information about the asset they are about to invest in. Similarly, when you buy a commercial space, you need to be well-informed about the value of your money.

Since the real estate industry in India is flourishing fast, a growing number of people are showing interest in property. Each day, we encounter a similar query, what are the different types of property that one can invest in. Well, if you are planning to purchase real estate Mumbai, you have several options to choose from. Here, you will come to know about the different types of properties that you can buy.

Real estate involves all types of properties including building, land, rights above the land and below the ground and so on. Before you decide the segment where you can invest, have a look at the different types of property.

What are the different types of property?

You can count on us for advisory services while buying all the three types of properties. These include:

  • Vacant land
  • Residential property
  • Commercial property

Vacant land

Vacant land is one of the major categories of property. Ranch and farm specialists have been successful in their business. However, you should have an understanding of the specific buying requirements, before you invest in this kind of property. In general, the size of this type of property is quite large. A large number of people are buying property in Mumbai these days. As the prices are escalating rapidly, they can be great investment options. Later, buildings or shopping complexes can be developed on these pieces of land, when the price increases. Investing in vacant land can generate a great recurring income for the investors. If you are interested in buying property in Mumbai, we can help you find a vacant land that can help you reap great rental returns.

Residential property

Today, residential property is the most sought category of real estate. It refers to all sorts of homes, new, old, rented, leased out and second homes. In all the major cities of India, the prices of residential property are increasing. Besides, this particular market of property in Mumbai has got several sub-niches, including condominiums, new constructions, apartments, separate homes, rental properties, duplexes, modular homes, townhouses and so on.

Over the years, we have been encountering clients who want to buy affordable homes. However, these homes come with several luxury features, including gym, play areas, swimming pools and various lifestyle features. If you want to buy affordable real estate Mumbai, simply reach out to us. We will help you filter through the options and get the right home for you.

People are also interested in buying luxury homes. Generally, people in the higher income groups opt for these properties. Besides, NRIs also purchase luxury apartments in the metropolitans. For any assistance regarding paperwork, legal advice or other aspects, you can come to us.

Commercial property

Commercial property in Mumbai used to be in great demand in the urban zones, but now buyers are interested to purchase these properties even in suburban areas. Commercial property refers to any real estate where you can carry out business or commercial activities. It may include office spaces, warehouses, retail stores, shops, showrooms, godowns and so on.

The accounting method for the valuation of commercial property in Mumbai is more complex. Evidently, you might require a detailed insight on the trending prices in the commercial real estate market. Our experts are here to provide you with a comprehensive guidance. Besides, the prices of commercial real estate are subjected to fluctuations. Therefore, you should know when you should invest in these properties. We can guide you about where to invest, which segment of commercial real estate you should invest in and brief you up about the rental rates.

The subniches of commercial real estate include gas stations, shopping malls, supermarkets, offices, retail stores, hotels and more. For any assistance in buying property in Mumbai, you can get across to us.

Types of residential real estate

You can purchase the following types of residential real estate:


A condominium is an individual possession of a building, where the owner has the access to all the common areas that are owned by the residents. Here, you need to pay an association fee to repair, maintain and improve the common areas. These are, in fact, shared by all the residents in the property in Mumbai. For instance, all the residents have approach to the indoor and outdoor games, spa, walkways, gardens, swimming pool, gym and so on.


A condotel can be defined as a hybrid of hotel and condominium. This type of property in Mumbai come with a concierge or registration desk, along with food, telephone service, cleaning services, etc. However, the operational process is similar to a hotel, although people own these properties individually. These properties are featured by occupancy on a short-term occupancy, but they can also be long-term residents.

Investment Properties

These properties are owned for financial gain, through rents and leases. Investors generally hold these properties until the price escalates, and then sell them off to reap a profit. However, even if the property fails to generate income, these are referred to as investment properties. These properties may include multi-unit properties and single-family residences.

Manufactured homes

Manufactured homes are referred to as ‘trailer parks’ and ‘mobile homes’. Generally, manufactured homes are developed on leased land. You can buy both lifestyle projects and low-income property in Mumbai. It may be difficult for you to find manufactured homes in the city. Reach out to us for a professional assistance and our experts will find the right property for you.

If you are planning to buy real estate Mumbai, we can help you in making the right purchase. Remember, your home is one of the most valuable assets, so make a wise investment after seeking our advice.

What should you check before buying a property?

Buying a new property is exciting. As a concerned buyer, you would want to ensure that you make the right purchase. A property purchase involves a significant investment. Well, we have been assisting homebuyers throughout the purchase process over the years. We often recommend them a checklist, that keeps them on track. People interested to buy property in Mumbai should take care of the location, amenities, legal documents and other aspects. If you need any sort of advisory services while purchasing your property, we are here to help you out.

We would suggest you to follow this checklist, when you plan to buy a property:

Customize your home

When you start looking for real estate Mumbai, it is wise to start off with the projects that suit your requirements. Most of the modern homes come with beautiful gardens and landscaped parks around them. Besides, you may be a sports enthusiast, or love playing outdoor games. We can help you get the home customized from the wide range of choices. In India, real estate is one of the best areas to invest in. The prices keep rising consistently, which makes it a lucrative investment. Even if you are looking for a property in Mumbai that you would rent out, it is important to get it customized as per your preferences. This ensures that you can get a good return after you lease or rent it out.

Legal norms

Purchasing a property in Mumbai involves various legal processes. People generally hire a lawyer to complete these proceedings. For any assistance regarding the legal aspects, you can approach us for a dedicated support. As a part of the industry over the years, we stay abreast to the latest regulations regarding registration, tax payment and other aspects. We will guide you on the right track when you count on us. Check out the title deed, property tax payment status, commencement and completion certificate when you buy a property in Mumbai. Well, you would not like inviting the legal hassles when you buy the home. We will ensure that you make informed decisions, when you buy the property.

Scan for flaws

It is important to scan the property for possible flaws, before you finally purchase it. Particularly, if it is not a new property in Mumbai, you need to be careful about the glitches that may show up after you make the purchase. For instance, you need to check out for the smell of mould, or odours related to animals. Besides, buyers need to check the quality of construction, and check out whether it is free from pests. The plumbing system, electrical points and other devices should be functional. We will assist you in the process, as first-time homebuyers often fail to detect the flaws.

Negotiating the property rate

Well, this is one area where you can make a significant saving. We keep a track on the trending property markets and help the buyers get the properties at the right prices. If you are unaware of the actual rates of property in Mumbai, you may end up paying more than the actual prices of the property. As experienced professionals, we can negotiate the property rate for you wherever possible. This ensures that you pay the actual price of the property, or even lesser. Besides, we keep our clients informed about the deals and discounts available with the reputed real estate developers. You can convey your specifications and budget to us, and we will help you find the right property that comes within the range.

Take care of the recurring expenses

When you buy a property in Mumbai, you should be well-informed about the recurring expenses that you need to incur. For instance, if you buy a luxury home in a residential complex, you may have to pay a monthly or yearly charge for maintenance of the gardens, common areas and so on. Besides, the buyers need to know the probable tax rates in the area after a couple of years. When you plan to invest in real estate Mumbai, make sure that you know the areas where you need to make recurring expenses. Even if you buy the property for commercial purposes, your EMI should be lesser than what the rental income can fetch you.

Lifestyle amenities

Millennials have a fascination for several lifestyle amenities, like swimming pool, gym, senior citizen’s corner, indoor and outdoor games and much more. When you hunt for the property in Mumbai, we can help you find the home in quick time. It involves tedious efforts to scan through all the portals of upcoming projects. Our experts will help you find the right properties, from where you can choose the one that suits your requirements. A large number of people are opting for luxury homes these days. Besides, the affordable housing segment is also gaining popularity. You can enjoy a large suite of features in these homes. Other amenities that you may love include clubhouse, cricket pitch, basketball and tennis courts, kids play areas and so on.


You would expect the property in Mumbai to be located close to the commercial zones in the city. This makes it easier for you to reach the business hubs and places of entertainment. Even if you want green homes to enjoy a lifestyle close to nature, we can find you such a property close to the commercial areas. This ensures that your family can easily reach the markets, hospitals, schools, banks and other places located close to the area. When you plan to buy a property in Mumbai, simply have a consultation with us. We will help you to choose a location, from where you can get across to every corner of the city in quick time.

Purchasing real estate Mumbai involves several stringent decisions. When you look out for a property in the city, make sure that you get all the amenities around. We can help you find a home that comes loaded with the amenities you had always wanted to enjoy. Reach out to us with your preferences, and we will find your dream home, considering your budget and specifications.

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Real Estate Market In Mumbai

Mumbai is the entertainment capital of India which is a home to about 20 million people. It is the financial capital of India and is a destination for many big events and activities throughout the year. The number of people visiting Mumbai is countless and so is the number of people migrating to Mumbai. This rise has led to the rising demand for residential property in Mumbai and commercial spaces in Mumbai. Finding a perfect flat on rent or for sale in Mumbai is tougher than getting a job in this city. This rising demand for a house has invited many real estate agents Mumbai to come up with an affordable solution in Mumbai.

By choosing the best real estate agent Mumbai, your journey of choosing the best Mumbai properties with easy accessibility will become easy. Some of the well-known localities for residential property in Mumbai are Navi Mumbai, Andheri, Goregaon, Bandra, Powai, Juhu, Worli Chembur, Lower Parel, and South Mumbai which offers lavishly designed apartments and flats for rent or sale. These localities offer luxurious bungalows, villas, and commercial spaces for offices and shops in Mumbai. The property rates in Mumbai vary from locations to locations. So, if you are looking for a property in Mumbai then you might get to choose from a wide variety of options depending on the location, budget, and type of property requirement.

Mumbai city offers different areas to cater to different income group right from commercial properties to residential properties to rental properties to posh areas. Owning a property in Mumbai means high real estate value because of the high demands and higher property rates. So, selecting a home near the workplace in such a vast city is very important. Increased rental rates in the commercial and residential properties have made an investment in the most profitable industry trend which is Mumbai.

The rental Mumbai properties have gained a huge interest in the real estate market with a massive increase in the number of migrants which has affected the rental property market. The commercial property market has also received great momentum with the advent of MNC’s, manufacturing units, restaurants, and shopping malls. The commercial projects are developing and widening in all the areas and directions of Mumbai. The increasing demand for commercial property, remodeling of railway networks, and proposed upgradation of infrastructure in Mumbai has uplifted the real estate market of Mumbai.

Mumbai also serves as an economic hub of India and is known as the commercial hotspot of India. The government is launching new commercial and residential areas in Mumbai with the rising population. The government is also promoting the renovation and reconstruction of the older building with a view to offering physical and social good infrastructure in the posh areas of Mumbai. The major infrastructure projects proposed by the government such as Smart City project, Trans Harbour Link, Coastal road, and Mumbai Metro expansion are expected to increase the real estate value of Mumbai. The city offers four modes of transportation such as buses, metro, trains, and monorails. The latest development on transportation has also led to an increase in the Mumbai property market.

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